Am I the Sick one?

I left my Home because I was running from you. Your the man who put me in jail, who set me up with the police when it was all a lie, you , the man who broke in my home, bleached all my clothes , and ruined all my belongings, The man who robbed me and took my computer’s, stole money from my accounts. The man who got me fired from my job, who told my kids lies just to get them to hate me. The man who refused to leave me alone and would not stop for nothing. I could not take it anymore and could not bare to watch you destroy what was left of my world . So I packed my bags and jumped in my car to get as far as I could from you trying to reach out and get to me. Its so hard not to reply to your messages or emails. The things you say to me just to get my attention are so powerful and damaging to my soul that each time I read a email from you, it damages my heart and soul piece by piece. You have made it so easy for me to hate you .

Tonight I sit here and Wonder how did I get so far away from home to run from you and here I sit in a hotel room with you laying next to me in my bed? Am I the sick one? Why would I allow you near me again after everything you have done to me? Why? Do I just have no respect for myself at all that I would let you just come back and keep abusing me? I started out really well. I spent the first 15 days alone and just with me and my thoughts. And as much as I hate being alone , I actually enjoyed my time by myself.

I caved in and after not replying to you for 15 days and it was a long 15 days of you harassing me all day long via any way he could get my attention I didn’t respond no matter what. But the minute I was left alone to drive to my next destination I caved in and picked up the message. I dont know why I did it. DO I like the attention? yes.. Do I miss him ..I miss the good in him, i miss the man who adored me and who made me feel beautiful when he looked at me. And that is who I always get when I see him. He is the man I love when we are together. The minute I walk away from him , he becomes a monster that is mean, vindictive, revengeful and hurtful. And he will stop for nothing. And when it calms down the amount of damage that has been done in this short amount of time by him is irreparable. So I ask myself How can I love this monster? How do I feel so safe when Im with you yet I have never felt so unsafe when in not with you? Am I the sick one?

I hate you and love you

Have you ever loved and hated something at the same time. My entire heart loves you and wants to protect you and keep loving you forever. I left my job and packed up my things to get away from you. The constant emails and horrible things you say to me took a mental toll on my soul. So I run away thinking just maybe you will stop eventually and get tired of harassing me at some point and it will stop. It was either I sit there and allow you to continue this abuse with me or I run away from it hoping it will end. The other option of getting the police involved breaks my heart because the last thing I want to see is you get arrested. I think back at what you have done to hurt me on purpose and remember how it was done with no remorse. you hurt me so easily. for example you said “if you ignore me than i will ruin your job…….. the power for you is more important than the fact that you are about to destroy the woman you claim to love. and cause her this much pain. You choose power over Love and I choose to walk away